Simplify your Medical Practice with 6 key features of Office Management Software:

  • Comprehensive scheduling options
  • Insurance verification
  • Digital patient registration
  • Auto-magic patient reminders
  • Paper-less charts
  • Secure messaging system


Comprehensive Scheduling Options

It is important to look for a management solution that comprehensive scheduling functionality beyond basic calendar.

Advanced calendar and scheduling functionality like drag-and-drop appointment scheduling, and color-coded views, calendar synchronization, and advanced scheduling notes, can help save time and include more information for appointments.

Insurance Verification

Robust Office Management solutions will include insurance verification capabilities.

This feature can run claims and information your EMR database, so that you can verify patient plan and coverage accurately and quickly.

Patient Registration

Another key component of Office Practice Management is organizing patient information, and collecting and imputing this data during the Initial Visit.

By requiring new patients use a digital form, this saves time and energy, and improves data organization.

Please remember to ensure security when allowing a patient to access any office information systems, computer or tablet.

Auto-magic Appointment Reminders

This nifty feature of Office Management software can send out automated reminders to patients as a phone call, email, or a text message.

Office Management Solutions come in handy for automating tasks like sending patients upcoming appointment reminders. This feature is very useful to have by ensuring accountability, consistency, and saving time for the office employees.

Paper-less Charts

Paramount to office management is accurate and up to date digital charts. This feature is sometimes called paperless charts. Visual charts gives doctors and staff a concise overview of finances, insurance, payment information, patient medical histories.

You also save yourself the time and hassle of deep diving through desks and searching through reams of paper for these data!

Secure Messaging System

Secure Messaging System is another important feature to have because proper communication is crucial for the relationship between patient and doctor.

However, sensitive medical information must be communicated to patients securely and privately. A Secure Messaging System will help doctor’s maintain communication with patients and automate messages, all while maintaining doctor patient confidentiality.

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